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Make up Artist Dubai | Fizza Khan Bringing out the most beautiful you from within.

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About Fizza Khan


Fizza khan is one of the trending make up artist in Dubai, she is specialised in bridal and shoot makeover, according to one of the leading magazine/blog lovin dubai fizza khan is among top makeup artists they had ranked who are known the best in their work. 

Success Story

Its been 15 years and i can say i have met almost everyone, from a celebrity to Z.

Compliments are not what they give me but what they feel, the smile at their face while looking at mirror, it further gives a pleasure when they get back to me.
One of the amazing feeling when i provide bridal makeup and then i am asked by the same girl for a party makeup at her baby shower party, thanks to all lovely people.

My Team is a collective of amazing people striving to provide best look & feel.

It is often asked by people that how many artists do i have or how manly people i can manage, usually it depends on type of makeup however their is no limit for us, i have a team of professional hair and makeup artists who are the best in industry and have capacity of managing 300 face a day but we are able to manage even triple of them as we know our work and its management. 

Want me to answer you some questions ?

  1. Prep your skin. Always wash your face with a cleanser or clean it with wet wipes.
  2. Moisturize your face, There are big brands available but Nivea works amazing for me.
  3. Clean up your brows and dry them. 
  4. Dab a little concealer or foundation. 
  5. Spooning.
  6. Use coconut oil
  7. Eat carrots for a natural tan, cucumber and coconut water 
  8. Eat your way to glowing skin.
  • Primer. Prep your skin with a face primer, like our Universal Color Correcting Primer, to ensure a flawless and smooth base that will keep your makeup in place all day.
  • Concealer & Foundation.
  • Mascara & Eyeliner.
  • Eyebrow Pencil. 
  • Red & Nude Lipstick.
  • Brushes & Sponge.
  • Blush & Highlighter.
  • Eyeshadow Palette

Well ! actually our services are type of home services we visit home and venues, so yes the place of your choice and comfort is our work place.

Yes ! i can manage as much as you expect, i have a team of artist who are specialised in their work either hair or makeup

Yes! no matter what country, time or day i would be happy to revert you the the real beauty you are

Honesty speaking nothing is left, i am asked sometime for 2 things i need subtle makeup as my skin is so white, can you do this? or did you work on dark skin ? so being in dubai i have worked on all most every type of skin and earned compliments 

In my early words i have mentioned clearly that their is no compromise on quality, thus i used all high end brands such as huda beauty, Sephora, Mac and Clinique etc, which are internally well known for quality

Yes i do provide trials which will cost you 

Yes i do provide makeup classes dubai or makeup course in dubai

Still have a question ?Hmm ! i think its time to hear your voice


Branded Quality Products Coming Soon

Make up Artist Dubai | Fizza Khan

Fizza Khan! a makeup artist that is amongst top 12 artist in Dubai with with many positive reviews and 5 Stars Rating

Email: [email protected]

Address: Office 102 Shamsi Building Nahda 2 , Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 0000, United Arab Emirates

Gender: Female

Job Title: Makeup Artist