What is a professional makeup & how to get it done professionally? Well ! many said many things about professional makeup but what i believe is talking about highly technical things make you miss the basics, I am going to share all about professional makeup and its foundation.

Did you just read i said foundation? As every thing needs a good foundation so does makeup! in makeup the key is foundation, the more you are good in making a foundation which matches your real skin tone the more it looks naturally gorgeous.

A Professional makeup is what features up your natural look and matches your real skin tone, Which can be differentiate in comparison to just applying a product on skin.

Did you experience a very common problem ? A makeup one day is so good and another day you try hard but it does not earn the same compliments, there might be many reasons but one important medical and natural reason is your skin color, Skin cells get change after every 21 days! Skin Cells get replaced/ regenerated after 2 to 3 weeks which means the maximum skin cells life is 21 days, Thus when your skin cells are recently replaced by new cells it looks glowing and fresh while by the time when the regeneration of new cells is near so the old cells get darker and this is the time to think, you might have only one specific color of foundation which you use everyday.

Let me say that few basic DO’s and DON’TS are here need to be followed:


•Be Equipped with all products and tools what are told by a professional i.g brushes kit and products to be used.

•Select 2 different colors of foundation (i) a lighter one (ii) A darker one, so you may customize it for any skin color.


• Never try to change your skin color.

• Never try to lighten your skin.

• Never try to apply colorful products on your skin if you want to have a natural look.

With above Do’s and Don’ts specially of foundation will make you feel professional, you just have to notice your skin color every morning! you may need a darker foundation in good quantity to be mixed, As if your skin is naturally fair applying foundation will be so visible but if your skin is an average color you may increase the lighter foundation quantity.

Apply foundation on your forehead before you apply it on face, so that you can easy differentiate the skin with and without applied foundation and this is how you are going to customize foundation for your skin to look more natural.

For checking out some examples and different looks Click Here 

Thanks for reading, ask me any thing in comments below and you will be answered ! Good luck.

Written by Fizza Khan

Professional Makeup Artist